ACP Membership

Agapornis Club of Pakistan (ACP) is an organization dedicated to the keeping, breeding, and showing of Love Birds.

Membership in the Agapornis Club of Pakistan is an important part of becoming an enthusiast, breeder and exhibitor of lovebirds. By becoming a member you signify your commitment to the many species of lovebirds and become eligible to buy official and traceable ACP bands for your birds. Every two months you will receive the Journal of the Society, BVA International (Buy Separately) ,which has interesting and informative articles on breeding, genetics, and color mutations. The Journal also lists the official show classes and annual show results.

Memberships begin on January 1 and expire on December 31 of each year. Members who join after October 1st will not expire until December 31 of the following year.

  • Annual membership dues are: Rs 6000/-
  • To join the Agapornis Club of Pakistan , click here for a mail-in form
  • Members will also become full BVA members too.
  • They will each receive a unique BVA membership number and the login details for the members section of tha BVA website

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